The broad velvet shrimp / White shrimp / Japanese glass shrimp ( シロエビ Shiro-Ebi )

The broad velvet shrimp is dubbed the “Jewel of Toyama” for the beauty of its transparent pink coloring. 

White shrimp inhabit only in Toyama bay .

Firefly squid ( ホタルイカ Hotaru Ika )

Firefly squid is living at 1200 feet ( 366m ) underwater.

In the Springtime, Firefry squid go to shallow water for spawning.

March to May are best timing for fishing their.

Red Snow Crab ( ベニズワイガニ Beni-Zuwaigani )

Red snow crab is a crab that is caught in a lot Toyama most.

Crab Miso / Crab's internal organs ( カニミソ Kanimiso )

Crab Miso is stewed  crab's internal organs.

Club Miso is cooked down the juice until reduced by half.
So you can feel rich & strong flavor of Crab.

Pink Shrimp ( アマエビ Ama Ebi )

Pink shrimp has a most rich sweetness & flavor .

Japanese Ivory Shell ( バイガイ Baigai )

Japanese Ivory Shell has a firm texture & unique sweatness that spreads throughout the mouth. Enjoy with the ocean-scented entrails.

Cod roe ( マダラコ Madarako )

Tarako is a salted roe food.

Madarako is made from Cod roe.

Salted Squid with Ink ( クロヅクリ Kurozukuri )

Kurozukuri is a kind of Shiokara.

Shiokara is traditional preserved food in Japan.

It is made from salted internal organs & salted meat of squid.

Kurozukuri is added a ink to Shiokara. 

One of the famous local cuisine in Toyama.

Pandalus Hypsinotus ( ボタンエビ Botan Ebi )