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" Welcome to Sharaku "

Sharaku is a sushi restaurant that was opened 35years ago.

Sushi and Toyama's fresh seafood are the pride of our shop.


( Mon-Fri ) 11:30-13:00
( Mon-Sta)  17:00-21:00 (LO)

Sunday & Holiday

Can be paid by credit card!

Spring has come. Now is the season of firefly squid.

 Normally firefly squid living at 1200 feet underwater, waves in the Toyama bay pushes the squid to the surface in massive numbers where they are fished by tons from March to June.


The spawning season of the firefly squid also runs during the same period. Millions of female squid come to drop their eggs in the Toyama Bay's seaweed.

Firefly squid is very rare in Japan. The beautiful blue light, is called the mystery of Toyama Bay.

White shrimp is Specialties of Toyama.

White shrimp ( Broad velvet shrimp , Japanese glass shrimp ) live only in Toyama Bay. 

It called " jewels of Toyama" !! 

Fisherman can fish from April to November.

Flying fish ( トビウオ Tobi-Uo )